Harvey Proctor is penniless and destitute. He was cleared of all charges of child sexual abuse through Operation Midland and the Metropolitan Police has now issued a full apology. But apologies do not pay the bills.

I published Harvey Proctor’s book CREDIBLE AND TRUE. On the day of the Met’s apology, I conducted a heart-rending interview with him on my LBC Radio show. You can listen to it above. At the end of the interview, Harvey breaks down and cannot continue.

Dozens of my listeners got in touch to ask what they could do, as they wanted to help him.

I have therefore set up a JustGiving page to enable anyone who’d like to help Harvey to do so. Every penny will go to Harvey and help him get back on his feet. I have told Harvey that I am doing this and he is incredibly moved by the outpouring of support.

If you’d like to donate, click HERE

Terrible things were done to hundreds of children over many years. The perpetrators of that abuse should and must be brought to justice. But a great injustice has also been done to those falsely and maliciously accused of these heinous acts. Paul Gambaccini suffered two years of psychological trauma. Cliff Richard went through the same. Harvey Proctor’s suffering was in some ways worse. He lost his job, he lost his reputation and he’s now penniless and destitute.

I am aware that Harvey wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea as a Tory MP. But whatever your views of him in the past I defy you to listen to the interview above and not to be moved. If you are, and have an ounce of human kindness within you, please do help him by DONATING even just a small amount. You can do it anonymously if you wish.

I’ve had quite a bit of criticism for doing this, but I remember back in the early 2000s when Christine & Neil Hamilton were arrested by the police over false allegations of rape. I was advised by some friends not to defend them on Television as it “could harm your career”.

If you’re a true friend, and you believe in the innocence of your friend, then you do what you can to help them. That’s why I’m doing this. If there were any justice the Metropolican Police ought to be paying compensation for the trauma they have put this innocent man through. Hopefully they will. But until they do, it’s up to others to help Harvey through some very difficult months.

Over to you.