This morning I won an award. I've never won one before, so I'm feeling rather euphoric. It was the EI Online Commentator of the Year. I was shortlisted with Guido Fawkes and Chris Dillow of Stumbling & Mumbling. The event was entertainingly compered by style guru Peter York. Other award winners were...

Financial Commentator: Alex Brummer
Media Commentator: Peter Preston
Online Newspaper blog: FT Alphaville
Polemicist: Richard Littlejohn
Political Commentator: Fraser Nelsom
Commentator of the Year: Martin Wolf
Environment Commentator: Camilla Cavendish
Cultural Commentator: Johann Hari
Chairman's Choice Award: Matthew Parris

Full details of the event are HERE.

I made a very short speech in which I very ungraciously failed to thank anyone, because I wanted to use my time to draw attention to the way in which online commentators have shown their worth over the Guardian gagging case. So let me thank a few people here instead.

First of all, thanks to my readers for sticking with me even on days when I am not on top form. Thanks also to everyone in the political and media world who give me so much to write about. And special thanks to those who help me out on the technical side when I need it - Mike, Russell, Liam, Jag.

And thanks to all those who put up with me blogging when I really should be doing something else. Especially John. I'm the only one who really knows what he has to put up with - although many of you can guess.

I am now off to gaze adoringly at the lovely slab of glass EI presented me with.