It's been a busy week on LBC, given I also covered a show on Saturday afternoon as well as my regular weekday and Sunday shows.

One of the subjects we covered was Danny Baker's sacking by the BBC. I hadn't intended to talk about this as in the scheme of things I thought it had had far too much coverage.

I don't believe Danny Baker is a racist, but if I had tweeted that picture, I too would have expected to be fired.

However, I have to say that there was an awful lot of hypocrisy, not least by the BBC, but also by some of my journalistic colleagues. I've never met Danny Baker so I have no axe to grind, but there were several people defending him who, if it had been Nigel Farage tweeting that picture, they would have been calling for him to be lynched.

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And as for the BBC, what Baker did was no worse than what Lord Sugar did last year. Remember that photo he tweeted of the Senegalese football team? Exactly. The BBC said they had given Lord Sugar a severe talking to and warned him about his conduct. The truth is, they couldn't afford to lose him from The Apprentice. Danny Baker was easily expendable. Despite being a multiple Sony award winning broadcaster, his only BBC gig was his Saturday morning show on Five Live. Perhaps they welcomed the chance to rid themselves of this turbulent presenter. 

And now a complaint has been made to the Police. Jesus. The man has lost his job. Isn't that enough? The Police have surely got better things to do than waste time investigating this as a hate crime.

However, I have to say most of my listeners on Saturday disagreed and thought it ought to be a matter for the Police.

Perhaps it's me who's out of touch, after all.