Apologies for quoting another story from the Mirror, but this really does take some swallowing.

Last year I was banned from driving for six months. I didn’t mention it at the time because I was rather ashamed of it. I had had four speeding convictions, three times for exceeding a 30mph limit by between 4 and 8 mph, and one for doing 85mph on the M1. That made 12 points, and we all know what points mean… I didn’t contest it. I deserved to be punished. It caused massive inconvenience because it was at the time my mother was dying but I had to live with it.

Today I read on the Mirror website that Newcastle United midfielder Hatem Ben Arfa was caught doing 110mph and driving without insurance. He got a 49 day driving ban.

Could someone explain to me why I got six months and he got 49 days?