The Question Closet Case Gay MPs Will Have To Answer

  • 2 Feb 2013

I’ve been looking at the Coalition for Equal Marriage’s website, and their list of MPs who intend to vote against allowing gay people to marry on Tuesday. I note with interest the names of several MPs who most people in the Westminster Village know to be closet case gays. And ...

Red Trousers Are Just Plain Wrong

  • 2 Feb 2013

A few days I ago I tweeted about the fact that I had just seen a man wearing red trousers walking through Leicester Square. I’ve never understood how anyone who isn’t over 60 or Hooray Henry could wear them. But there was this seemingly normal looking thirty year old saunteri...

Troughing Councillors Should Be Voted Out of Office

  • 2 Feb 2013

Just when you thought politicians couldn’t get lower in public esteem, Tunbridge Wells councillors are set to vote local Cabinet members a 22% increase in allowances, and the leader of the council is due to get a 15% rise. The proposals have been accepted by the council’s fina...

The Sun Replaces Archbishop With Bishop Basher Guido Fawkes

  • 2 Feb 2013

It’s not often I burst out laughing when I read a tweet, but I did just now. The Sun has announced that Guido Fawkes will be writing a column for them each Sunday. What they haven’t announced is that Guido will be replacing the Archbishop of York’s column on the Op Ed page. I...

Let's Talk About Sex Addiction, Baby

  • 2 Feb 2013

On my LBC show on Wednesday we talked about addictions and how to deal with them. I guess we all know what the most commons addictions are to alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. But it goes far more widely than that. A friend of mine is addicted to Skippy peanut butter and reckons ...

Gillard Fires the Election Gun Eight Months Early

  • 30 Jan 2013

Morning, everyone. I am an avid follower of Australian politics so it was with a sense of incredulity that I heard this morning that Prime Minister Julia Gillard has called a general election for – wait for it – September 14th. Yes, you read that right – in eight and a half ...

Catholic Church Shock! It Says Something Positive About Gays!

  • 29 Jan 2013

Whisper it, but the Catholic Church might just have inched its way into the 1990s. This is what the Catholic Church of England & Wales said in a document today, issued to MPs and Peers…. We recognise that many same sex couples raise children in loving and caring homes....

Video: Falling Out of Love With Politics

  • 29 Jan 2013

Here’s a short Daily Politics film with an ensuing discussion with Jo Coburn and myself about falling out of love with politics. The hook was my blogpost from a few days ago (scroll down).

Video: The LibDems Have Acted Shamelessly on Boundary Changes

  • 29 Jan 2013

Earlier on the Daily Politics I debated the proposed boundary changes with LibDem Peer Lord Rennard and YouGov’s Peter Kellner. See how you think I did. Lord R looked a little uncomfortable at times when I pointed out a few home trut...

Why I Would Divert Childcare Funds to Sink Estates

  • 29 Jan 2013

OK, you might say I don’t have a right to a view on this. I’m male, gay, and don’t have children, but I am a taxpayer, so that surely gives me a right. Anyway, deep breath, here goes. Why, dear reader, why is it that middle class parents think that the rest of us should subsi...