Articles tagged bad wildungen:

20 of my Favourite Places in the Whole Wide World!

  • 20 Oct 2018

I love traveling, and in my younger days I’d be off somewhere at every opportunity. However, with the work I do now, it’s difficult to go away for any length of time and I’m married to someone who doesn’t like foreign holidays! And owning two dogs makes it quite difficult, as ...

The Teachers Who Inspired Me

  • 6 Oct 2018

I was flicking through Twitter this afternoon and came across a tweet from Jeremy Corbyn, which he posted on International Teachers Day, yesterday… On #InternationalTeachersDay I wanted to share this clip of Ian Wright talking about an inspiring teacher.It's incredibly moving...

Why a Gap Year Is The Best Thing I Ever Did

  • 10 Apr 2018

It really gets my goat when I hear people who ought to know better advising 18 year olds not to go on gap years. Instead, they should concentrate on getting work experience and extra training. Balls. Going on a gap year was the best decision I have ever made - apart from hitc...