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Latest Book Club Podcast: The Joan Rivers Interview

  • 4 Jan 2019

Boy have I got a treat for you. As you know, every week I interview someone with a new book out for the Iain Dale Book Club podcast. Well, sometimes we pull one out of the LBC archive, and that's what we've done this week. Back in October 2012 I interviewed the wonderfu...

Diary: Edinburgh Fringe, Corbyn's Trumpery & Carillion Chaos

  • 23 Aug 2018

This is the fourth year I’ve been to the Edinburgh Fringe. Back in June I trawled through all 3,500 shows to decide which to go to see. Normally, I spend three days there, but this year I squeezed everything into two. Somehow, this year it didn’t have the buzz I’ve experienced...

Diary: Could I Be a Standup Comedian?

  • 8 Oct 2011

Well, that’s the party conference season over and done with for another year. I’m beginning to question the point of them to be honest. I went to all three this year for work related reasons and looking back, and given the choice, I wouldn’t have bothered with any of t...