Articles tagged Dave Hill:

Book Review: The Adoption by Dave Hill

  • 4 Apr 2007

It's a terrible admission but I very rarely read novels. In fact, the last one I read cover to cover was Ann Widdecombe's ACT OF TREACHERY about three years ago. However, one of the guests I regularly invite on to my 18 Doughty Street show is the journalist and novelist Dave H...

Guardian Review of 18 Doughty Street by Dave Hill

  • 30 Oct 2006

The future of television, some part of it at least, lies behind a black door on the fringes of Bloomsbury. It is the front door to a house; a sturdy, terraced one in Doughty Street where also stands the office of the Spectator. For all this 19th-century solidity, though, the b...