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Six Weeks in the Autumn - My Very Personal Diary From 2002

  • 21 Sep 2018

I was trying to find a database file on my laptop earlier, and stumbled across a Word file called ‘Diary’ from November 2002. I opened it out of curiosity and found 7,000 words from a diary I clearly kept over six weeks from the autumn of that year. Suffice to say, it brought ...

What do Edwina Currie & Ann Widdecombe Have in Common?

  • 5 May 2009

What should I make of the fact that I get emails today from Ann Widdecombe and Edwina Currie announcing they both have new email addresses? Just askin'... Reminds me of a wonderful afternoon at the Tory Party Conference in 2002 just after Edwina had published her diaries. A...