Articles tagged Gay marriage:

UK Judges Uphold Gay Marriage Ban in the West Indies

  • 16 Mar 2022

It’s very rare that my ghast is completely flabbered, but it happened this week. I remember bac in 2013 doing a TV debate with Tory MP Nadine Dorries on the subject of equal marriage, or gay marriage as many people know it by. She was explaining why she was against it, not in ...

Cameron Intervenes on Gay Marriage

  • 16 Sep 2011

I well remember David Cameron’s first speech as party leader back in 2006. I remember the frisson that went round the conference hall when he said these words… “There’s something special about marriage. It’s not about religion. It’s not about morality. It’s about commitmen...

What United Roger Helmer and Me

  • 11 Aug 2009

There's much spluttering on some left wing blogs today about a blogpost by Conservative MEP Roger Helmer in which he says he is against gay marriage and questions whether homophobia exists. Having failed to "get" Michael Kaminski, they are now turning their attention to Helmer...