Articles tagged Gillian Shephard:

Six Weeks in the Autumn - My Very Personal Diary From 2002

  • 21 Sep 2018

I was trying to find a database file on my laptop earlier, and stumbled across a Word file called ‘Diary’ from November 2002. I opened it out of curiosity and found 7,000 words from a diary I clearly kept over six weeks from the autumn of that year. Suffice to say, it brought ...

EDP Column: My Five Minute Interview

  • 30 Aug 2007

What is your idea of perfect happiness in Norfolk? Walking along Mundesley beach. When I was at university in Norwich in the early 1980s I used to drive out there at midnight from time to time and just wander along the beach listening to the waves crashing against the sand....

Speech to South West Norfolk Conservatives

  • 5 Nov 2003

Mr President, Mr Chairman, Gillian, Ladies & Gentlemen,  this is the first time I have been allowed out of North Norfolk to make a speech since my selection only 5 weeks ago. And how prescient it was of you to invite me all those months ago when you couldn’t have known abo...