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Long Read Interview with Mathew Hulbert on Coronavirus, the Media & Much More

  • 18 Apr 2020

Last weekend I spent an hour doing a long interview over Whatsapp with LibDem blogger Mathew Hulbert. You can find his blog HERE and follow him on Twitter HERE. MH: Iain Dale, welcome to my blog. ID: Nice of you to invite me! MH: This must be a career highlight! ID...

It Shouldn't Happen to a Radio Presenter 72: Nine Minutes With Mike Pompeo

  • 1 Feb 2020

My email pinged. "Phone me soonest," it said. It was from a very well connected contact of mine. So I did. I like to oblige, you see. "The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, is visiting London next week. I've recommended he does an interview with you and you'll soon recei...

WATCH: Interview With Triggernometry

  • 29 Jul 2018

This is an interview I did recently for the triggernometry podcast and Youtube channel. It’s 70 minutes long and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The interviewers are two comedians, Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster. We talk about my career, the power of radio, the NHS, immigratio...

FROM THE ARCHIVES: In Conversation with Nigel Farage

  • 16 Apr 2018

This interview took place in October 2008. It’s actually very hard for Nigel Farage to give a bad interview. He is the kind of character who always has something interesting to say. Indeed sometimes he says far too much for his own good. Politics needs characters like Farag...

FROM THE ARCHIVES: In Conversation with Adam Boulton

  • 9 Apr 2018

THIS INTERVIEW IS FROM EARLY 2010. Adam Boulton is a legend and I have huge respect for him. He probably spends more hours live on air than any other political journalist. He has an incredible knack of explaining complex political issues to the Sky News viewers, he can be c...

FROM THE ARCHIVES: In Conversation with Alex Salmond

  • 8 Apr 2018

This was the first In Conversation interview I did for Total Politics, back in July 2008, nearly ten years ago. I met Alex Salmond in his House of Commons office and talked for close on two hours. It was a strange experience as he twice had to go to vote, which meant that we c...

WATCH: In Conversation with Jeremy Thompson

  • 7 Apr 2018

The very brilliant Jeremy Thompson, talking about his career in news and his autobiograhy which I had the honour of publishing. Buy the book HERE

FROM THE ARCHIVES: In Conversation With Alastair Campbell

  • 4 Apr 2018

I did this interview in July 2010. Alastair never knowingly gives a bad interview and he was certainly very open in this two hour conversation. When did you start writing your diary? I’ve always done a diary, I started when I was a kid when my dad was in hospital and I use...

FROM THE ARCHIVES: In Conversation With Matthew Parris

  • 2 Apr 2018

This is an interview I did with Matthew Parris in September 2010. It remains one of my favourites. It’s another interview that has stood the test of time. If you poll any group of politicians, journalists or newspaper readers and ask them who their top rated political colum...

From the Archives: In Conversation with Peter Mandelson

  • 31 Mar 2018

Back in November 2010 I interviewed Peter Mandelson. He was in soul bearing mood. I thought you might enjoy it all over again. It took place not long after hi autogiograhy had been published, and only a couple of months after Ed Miliband’s election as Labour leader. Reading th...