Articles tagged John Bercow:

Diane Abbott: Oops She Did It Again

  • 5 Feb 2020

Diane Abbott fascinates me. Always has. She's clearly a clever woman, but boy does she say - and tweet - some bloody stupid things. Today she was at it again. However, apparently, according to Twitter, we are not allowed to comment on it or criticise her because it's unkind an...

From the Archives: In Conversation with John Bercow

  • 3 Feb 2019

This interview was conducted in December 2009 and appeared in Total Politics magazine.   ID So what’s a nice boy from the University of Essex doing in a place like this? JB: I enjoy it, I enjoy the role, I enjoy Speaker’s House. It would be dishonest and misleading to...

Why I'd Vote for John Bercow

  • 18 May 2010

It's interesting that many of the left have interpreted the blogpost last night on Ming Campbell and the Speakership as proof that I want to see the back of John Bercow and that I therefore automatically support Nadine Dorries and Kat Hoey in their bid to oust him. Read the po...