Articles tagged John McDonnell:

Iain Dale's 2019 General Election Interviews

  • 5 Dec 2019


Edinburgh Fringe Diary: Tuesday 6 August

  • 7 Aug 2019

Up early for a radio panel with Mark Dolan, Christopher Biggins and Shapi Korsandi, then a quick visit to the Apple Store to buy a battery pack. They didn't have the one I wanted, natch. Someone texted me to say the Sturgeon interview was playing big in the Scottish papers and...

Announcing my Edinburgh Fringe Show - 'Iain Dale - All Talk'

  • 17 Apr 2019

I'm delighted to announce that I'll be doing a 12 day long run at this year's Edinburgh Fringe, with a show called IAIN DALE - ALL TALK. I've invited a range of well known people from the world of politics and the media to join me on stage at one of the best known venues on...

The Consequences of Keir - Could He Now Be Reshuffled?

  • 25 Sep 2018

Sir Keir Starmer may have had a bit of a moment this morning when he was cheered by Labour conference delegates for going off script and making clear his view that any future referendum could include the option of remaining a member of the EU. But might it turn into a somewhat...