Articles tagged Liam Halligan:

Reaction Media Column 18: Planet Normal & Occupied

  • 26 Aug 2020

This article first appeared on Reaction.Life. Occupied, Netflix It is, nowadays, almost de rigueur to be a fan of Scandinavian dramas. First, there was The Killing, then Borgen, then The Bridge. When we heard last week that Borgen is to return for a further series, I cou...

Reaction Life Media Column 6: Emily Maitlis, Newsnight and why newsrooms need more plurality

  • 2 Jun 2020

This is the fifth of a new weekly column I am writing for Reaction.Life   Back in the day it was clear what Newsnight’s role was. Put simply it was there to cover the day’s news stories in more depth than is possible on a news bulletin, to explain more complicated storie...

CNNTalk Comes to an End - It's Been a Blast

  • 23 Jun 2019

Above: The final CNNTalk with the core team 24/6/19 In May 2017 CNN International started a show called CNNTalk. It started out as a once a week panel show with Max Foster presenting, with me, Ayesha Hazarika and Liam Halligan as the panelists. We'd discuss one subject ...