Articles tagged Nicholas Finney:

A Tribute to Peter Cropper

  • 24 May 2020

Peter Cropper was a very great man, and I don't use the word 'great' about many people.  I first met Peter in 1990 when Nicholas Finney and I started a new transport based public affairs consultancy, The Waterfront Partnership, and he joined us in the venture. Up to that po...

27 Years Ago Today the Dock Labour Scheme Was Abolished - And Here's How I Helped It Happen

  • 6 Apr 2016

Twenty seven years ago today Norman Fowler announced the Repeal of the National Dock Labour Scheme in the House of Commons. I had been working for the National Association of Port Employers and, with Nicholas Finney, had been masterminding the lobbying campaign to get rid of t...

Should we Ban Strikes in 'Essential Services?

  • 23 Oct 2010

By Iain Dale and Nicholas Finney The Government's dire cuts to the public sector, coupled with the actions of the irrepressible trade union leaders like Bob Crow, have suddenly reactivated interest in strikes and perhaps more importantly whether they should be made unlawful...