Articles tagged Norman Tebbit:

Telegraph Column: The Diminished Role of the Conservative Party Chairman

  • 7 Oct 2020

This article first appeared in the Daily Telegraph.   Back in the not-so-distant past, the job of Conservative Party Chairman was one that every single Conservative MP hankered after. In the Thatcher government it held the status in Cabinet of being almost on a par with ...

Upsetting Norman Tebbit

  • 11 Oct 2007

I shan't be walking down any dark alleys in the next few days. It seems I have upset Norman Tebbit. In my Telegraph column a couple of weeks ago I warned Tories that they should be disciplined during their conference. During the article I wrote this... A speech by Sir Bufto...

Guardian: The Indignity of Labour

  • 27 Jul 2006

The indignity of Labour After Douglas Alexander's puerile 'pig' jibe, David Cameron must be quaking in his hoodie - with laughter. Douglas Alexander wears girl's knickers: that's the response I am tempted to give to his ridiculous speech yesterday in which he said David ...