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Broadcasting from Belfast: My Day in Northern Ireland

  • 22 May 2022

  For two years I have been planning to host my radio in Belfast, and finally, on Tuesday, it came to pass. The day did not get off to a good start. Why is it that it’s always me who has a transport disaster? Global had booked flights for me and five others. All of them...

When Peter Hain and I Nearly Ended Up in Prison Together

  • 21 Sep 2018

It was six years ago this week. “There’s a letter from the Attorney General of Northern Ireland for you,” said my assistant, Grant Tucker. “Apparently he wants to send you and Peter Hain to The Maze”. And so it began. Six months of legal wrangling that ended up with the Gover...

A Landmark Day for Northern Ireland Politics

  • 25 Jul 2008

I remember bitter debates at Conservative Conference sin the 1990s when Northern Ireland Conservatives were effectively banned from organising in the province. Lawrence Kennedy put some powerful arguments forward and eventually persauded the party to relent. Although electoral...