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How Priti Patel Becomes Prime Minister - From the New Book 'Prime Minister Priti & Other Things That Never Happened

  • 16 Jul 2021

Counterfactual history has always fascinated me, and this week Duncan Brack and I have published our fifth book of politically themed counterfactual essays titled 'PRIME MINISTER PRITI & OTHER THINGS THAT NEVER HAPPENED'. It contains 23 essays and I have written the title ...

The Priti Patel Affair - "I'm Assertive. You're a Bully. Discuss"

  • 9 Mar 2020

This is from my ConservativeHome column, published on Friday. Dominic Cummings took great pleasure in fighting the ‘Education Blob’ when he was one of Michael Gove’s SPADs at the Department of Education some years ago. That fight is now being reprised with the whole of the ...