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If One School Could Open, Why Couldn't Others?

  • 8 Jan 2010

I was talking to my Mum last night and she was ranting on about schools who close at the first whiff of snow. She had seen a report on the TV about a school in Norwich which had remained open, despite all those around it closing. It turns out that on Thursday and Friday thi...

We Musn't be Afraid of Risk

  • 7 Nov 2009

If you were a teacher, would you seriously think about taking pupils on a school trip? With all the 'elf & safety' provisions that now exist you'd have to be either brave or stupid to take kids on the kind of foreign trips and geography field trips I went on in the 1970s. ...

Telegraph Column: The Grammar School Fiasco

  • 24 May 2007

Successful politicians are not only able to make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear but can also take advantage of unexpected opportunities which come their way. And so it has proved with the Great Grammar School farrago which has dominated the last week of Tory politics.   ...