1. For the first time in seven years part of me wishes I was a candidate in this election. Exciting political times ahead. But I can’t/won’t be.
  2. Watch out for an exciting announcement later today about something I’ll be doing for the next 8 weeks.
  3. Virtually everyone I know who has always voted Labour says they’ll be voting LibDem.
  4. Forget any thought of the election campaign starting in early May. It started today.
  5. Watch out for the first ‘Jeremy Corbyn has had a day off’ story in the Daily Mail. Around May 14th, I’d say.
  6. If Huw Edwards is assassinated anytime between now and June 8th, David Dimbleby will have made sure he has an alibi.
  7. Will any broadcaster be brave enough to empty chair Theresa May if she fails to turn up to a leaders debate?
  8. The LibDems have a massive opportunity in this election, but will Tim Farron blow it?
  9. UKIP will do well to be seen as anything other than an irrelevance, which shows just how far they’ve fallen since 2015. How can they justify standing against MPs who voted for Brexit?
  10. The most probably way for Theresa May to be defeated is if there is some sort of anti Tory alliance in 100 Tory marginals. It’ll never happen.
  11. Can John Woodcock survive as a Labour candidate following his video today where he says he would never vote to put Jeremy Corbyn in Number Ten? I’d say the odds are against. I suspect it doesn’t matter as his seat will go Tory, just like it did in the landslide of 1983.
  12. I’m mulling over whether to do my seat by seat prediction, like I did in 2010. Not sure….
  13. Guess who had a holiday in Spain booked for 4-9 June. Immediately cancelled.