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The PR & Communications outfit Vuelio has produced a list of the 50 people they consider the main influencers on the political debate/agenda in this country. No one ever agrees on who's included in this sort of list, or where they are ranked, and at first sight, it's a bit of an odd one.. Here's the list.


  1. Laura Kuenssberg
  2. Andrew Marr
  3. Andrew Neil
  4. Robert Peston
  5. George Osborne
  6. Tom Newton-Dunn
  7. Faisal Islam
  8. Paul Staines
  9. Geordie Greig
  10. Boris Johnson
  11. Anushka Asthana
  12. Heather Stewart
  13. Nick Robinson
  14. Matt Chorley
  15. Tim Shipman
  16. Jon Snow
  17. Fraser Nelson
  18. Owen Jones
  19. Cathy Newman
  20. Sam Coates
  21. Harry Cole
  22. Gordon Rayner
  23. Iain Dale
  24. Michael Crick
  25. James O'Brien
  26. Nigel Farage
  27. Dan Hodges
  28. Ian Hislop
  29. Kevin Maguire
  30. Mark Wallace
  31. Paul Waugh
  32. Carol Cadwalladr
  33. John Humphrys
  34. Mishal Hussein
  35. Danny Finkelstein
  36. George Parker
  37. Thomas G Clark
  38. Tim Montgomerie
  39. George Eaton
  40. Isabel Hardman
  41. Christopher Hope
  42. Stephen Bush
  43. Kerry-Anne Mendoza
  44. Jim Pickard
  45. James Forsyth
  46. Sarah Smith
  47. Polly Toynbee
  48. Amelia Gentleman
  49. Jennifer Williams
  50. Ian Dunt

It's nice to be on this list but it's deeply flawed given who's not on it, and in some cases, who is. 

A number of observations... 

They list Anushka Asthana and Heather Stewart as joint political editors of The Guardian. That arrangement stopped a couple of months ago, when Anushka moved to launch the Guardian politics podcast. Odd to have Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage on the list in some ways - both elected politicians. If Matt Chorley is that high on the list, shouldn't Jack Blanchard from the Politico London Playbook feature somewhere? His morning email is required reading for anyone in Westminster. If James O'Brien and I feature, why doesn't Nick Ferrari? Ian Hislop at 28? Is he really a political influencer? How can John Humphrys and Mishal Hussein be 15 or so places lower than Cathy Newman or Jon Snow? Mark Wallace, the deputy editor of ConHome features but Paul Goodman, his boss, doesn't. Kerry Anne-Mendoza is on the list but Ash Sarkar does not. Or Paul Mason. And Adam Boulton? On what planet would he not be on a list like this? I could go on.

You can see the Vuelio Top 50, with their short biogs HERE. Vuelio say in their press release...

The Top 50 Political Influencers reflects this evolving media, including broadcasters and print journalists in addition to bloggers and other digital influencers. Those on the list include the most politically informed, those with the best contacts and membership of the right WhatsApp groups for the inside track on breaking news and the latest leaks, and those able to lead conversations across a range of social media platforms. In these many different ways, each of the 50 has the power to shape politics in the UK – and together, they do.


They go on to explain how they ranked the Top 50...

The ranking takes into consideration a huge range of factors, including audience, engagement, industry recognition and platforms, alongside a research-led qualitative assessment.

I'd love to know more details about that. If I get time over the weekend I might try to do my own list - you know how I love a good list - but I'll only do it if I can work out a realistic way of trying to come up with a proper list, which isn't wholly subjective. I'm not sure that's even possible.

If you were compiling a list of political influencers, who would you include, who's not on the list above?