After what seems years of waiting, it;s finally happening. The election is on. As I sit here tonight, two thoughts come to mind. I think of all the candidates up and down the country, many of whom have been campaigning in their patches for up to four years. The next four weeks will determine their fate. Some will experience the elation of victory, and their work will have been worthwhile, while others will suffer the pain of defeat - and believe me, I know what that pain feels like.

The other thought I have concerns those who in four week's time may be given the chance to govern this great country. They wouldn't be human if they didn't feel some sense of foreboding. Even the most self confident politicians have some element of self doubt, however hidden it might appear to be.

I'll be quite honest, I am gutted not to be fighting this election as a candidate. But that's done and dusted now. So, what am I going to do during this election? To be honest, I am not sure. I'd quite like to know what you, my readers, would like me to do. What do you expect of this blog over the next four weeks? What would you like to see me covering?

I'm going to spend a bit of time helping my friends Tracey Crouch in nearby Chatham & Aylesford and Simon Jones in Dagenham & Rainham, and I'll also be putting my LBC election night programme together, but apart from that I'm open to ideas.

I'm intending to work as normal until the 15th, but after that I shall be taking the next three weeks off work to do 'electiony' things. Whatever they might be!

If you're a candidate in this election, or an agent, and have a news story, just email me or tweet me and I'll follow it up. Am always open to funny canvassing stories.

As you all know, I am a Conservative. I passionately want a Conservative victory as I cannot bear to think what another five years of Gordon Brown would mean for this country. But there's only so far I am going to go in cheerleading. If Brown or Clegg make a good speech, or produce a good poster, I'll say so. If I think the Tory campaign needs to go in a different direction, I will say so. But I want the Conservatives to win and I will do anything I can to help achieve that.

Onward into battle!