I've always had a bit of a soft spot for Anne Diamond. In fact I have just finished reading her autobiography. It's quite a traumatic read in places, as she details the terrible death of her son Sebastian, who she found dead in his cot one morning. She's obviously never completely got over it. Who would? She and Nick Owen were a superb duo and sparked off each other brilliantly and it's a shame she's no longer on our TV screens. I was interviewed by her on her breakfast show on BBC Oxford a few weeks ago. I had to laugh when she wrote in her book that she once interviewed Desmond Tutu live on the phone and in the end he had to ask to finish the interview as he had just got out of the shower and was dripping wet. She wrote: "I think that's the only nude interview I have ever done." Well, no Anne, actually it isn't. I hate to tell her but when she interviewed me about why would anyone ever want to go into politics, I too was 'sans clothes'. It was ten past seven in the morning, after all!