I was going to go out to a bar to watch West Ham get slaughtered by Manchester City, but then I discovered it could watch it via the BT Sport website on my laptop. Well that worked out well. We lost 5-0. This has almost become a tradition on the opening day of the season. 

Christiane Amanpour Edinburgh

My mood was not good when I toddled into the Gilded Balloon to meet Christiane Amanpour, who was my 4pm guest on the penultimate day of my run of 24 shows here in Edinburgh. It was another sellout and it was one of those days when I didn't really need to say an awful lot. The audience was rapt in what Christiane was saying and quite right too. She is one of those people who has pure presence. You immediately want to defer to her, as you think to yourself 'I am not worthy'. I meant it when I told her I had learnt a lot about interviewing from her, particularly how to be firm without being rude. 

Anne Diamond Nick Owen, Edinburgh

At 6pm I reunited Nick Owen and Anne Diamond from TVam for one night only. I was particularly looking forward to this event as I am a big fan of them both and their style of broadcasting. I hadn't met Nick before but he was such a nice bloke to talk to before the show started. At 5.50 Anne hadn't arrived and I said to Debbie (our organising producer) "See, I knew there would be one that didn't show." Nick reassured me by telling me that Anne is always late. Sure enough, she arrived an hour later, having experienced the delights of an Edinburgh gridlock. Again, I hardly needed to speak, because they were in full anecdote-tastic mode. The audience loved them. Someone should give them their own TV show again.  We all went for a drink at the Hotel du Vin afterwards, before I made my way over to the Pleasance Courtyard, which is one of the biggest fringe venues.

Matt Forde

I was there to see Matt Forde doing his standup act, which mainly revolved around Brexit. He basically had a go at everyone, but the best bit came at the end where he did his Boris and Trump impressions, which were spot on. He is the best Trump impersonator I have ever heard. He was brilliant in imagining the first press conference between the two of them. He's another big recommendation if you're here over the next two weeks.

Tomorrow it's the final day. At 4pm it's Alan Johnson, and there are no tickets left. And at 6 I've got three comedians - Matt Forde, Andrew Doyle and Grace Campbell.