I know as much about art as the average philistine. But I know what I like.

Two Mondays ago, the Eastern Daily Press carried a wonderful picture of a painting by a landscape artist called Cornelia Fitzroy called The Red House. If you still have that edition, have a look. It was on the letters page. I looked her up on the internet and instantly fell in love with her work. As luck would have it that painting was part of an exhibition at the excellent 18/21 gallery in Tombland in Norwich. To cut a long story short, I have bought it without actually seeing it in the flesh, so to speak. And I suspect it won’t be the last of Cornelia’s work which will adorn my wall.

As a consequence of this purchase, I have also discovered the most wonderful book called How Artists See East Anglian Places, published by Green Pebble Publications. It is a beautifully produced book showcasing the work of several dozen Norfolk and Suffolk landscape artists. And it demonstrates how lucky I am to spend so much time in England’s most beautiful region. Ideal present material!