Every Friday on the blog I’m going to provide a few links to some of the interviews I have done over the previous seven days on my LBC show. Here are this week’s offerings.

Book Club hour with Big Issue founder John Bird, talking about his book THE NECESSITY OF POVERTY and Judith O’Reilly, of the Wife in the North blog, who’s written a book called A YEAR OF DOING GOOD. Listen HERE – 45 mins

On Tuesday we did an hour on how people cope with dementia. We took an incredibly moving call from Brenda in Chelmsford who told us about her husband’s situation and how she copes. Get your Kleenex ready. Listen HERE – 10 mins

On Wednesday footballer Leon McKenzie came in for an to talk about depression and why he tried to take his own life. It was an amazing hour, with some great calls. He’s done so much to remove the stigma from mental illness. Listen HERE – 45 mins

Following the Suzanne Moore/Julie Burchill exchanges on transsexualism, we asked on Monday, what’s it like to be a transsexual in Britain today? Our first guest was Suzie Knight whose trans daughter has competed in Miss England. This podcast has been downloaded more than any other I have ever put on line. Listen HERE – 45 mins

On my Sunday show last week former Channel 4 News teechology editor Benjamin Cohen came in to talk about how people have become addicted to social media. Listen HERE – 10 mins

If you click on the radio tab at the top of the page you can find dozens more of my radio interviews.