What an important day today is. Will it be Independence Day or no change? I’ll be on air from 4 as usual, but due to ridiculous OfCom rules we can’t even mention the referendum without risking a fine. But the main event starts at 10pm when Shelagh Fogarty and I will be hosting LBC’s seven hour results programme. It promises to be a marathon. I hope you’ll join us for at least part of it. Nick Ferrari will take over at 5am. And then I will be back at 4pm on Friday. I suspect by 7pm on Friday I will be a tad knackered.

We have some cracking guests with us in the studio including Alex Salmond, David Davis, Chuka Umunna, Theresa Villiers, Suzanne Evans, Michael Cockerell, Paddy Ashdown, Brenda Kelly, Liam Halligan, Rob Hayward, Deborah Mattinson and many more. Ian Collins will be at the Manchester Count, Darren Adams will be in Scotland and we have reporters at all the regional counts. We’ll also get reaction from around the world to what’s happening as Britain makes its momentous decision.

If you’ve never listened to LBC or our election coverage before, I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s very different to the BBC. There are all sorts of ways you can listen…

In London on 97.3 FM
Throughout the UK on digital radio (DAB 1)
Sky Channel 0124
Virgin Media Channel 919
Freeview Channel 732
Freesat Channel 734
Via the LBC App for iPhone & Android
On our website lbc.co.uk

We will also be streaming the entire 7 hours in vision in HD on our website and also on Facebook Live, where you can comment on what we are doing as we go along.

Do join us.