Buying a property is never a straightforward business. Something always seems to go wrong. A link in the chain breaks, there’s a planning issue or the mortgage company won’t come up with the goods. We’re in the middle of buying a house in Lamas, in north Norfolk, and last Sunday we went to see it again, partly to remind ourselves what it looked like seeing as it’s more than two months since our offer was accepted.

Luckily, we still loved it and can’t wait to move in. The chain seems to have formed itself and we are hopeful we can complete in May at the very latest. But my partner John seems determined that we should be able to furnish the house as soon as we get it. His bidding for sofas and tables on eBay is getting more frenetic as each week passes. We now have a dining room table and a sofa is also on the way. Goodness knows what else. He’s the sort of person who thinks nothing of buying a car on eBay. Perhaps I am a less trusting person, but I like to see and touch what I am going to buy before I actual part with my money. Call me old fashioned. OK, I’m old fashioned.