Forgive me this indulgence, but anyone who reads this blog will know what I have been going through for the last 90 minutes. I can still hardly believe West Ham did it. I went to Old Trafford the last time we won in 2001 when Defoe scored the winner and vowed never to go back as I couldn''t imagine a day better than that. I was wrong. Today defied logic.

Today West Ham became the first team to do the double over Arsenal and Manchester United in the same season for thirty years. We had a team of heroes. James Collins, you were fantastic. Carlos Tevez, please stay. Mark Noble, you'll play for England soon. I shall be writing my full views over at my West Ham blog. It's such a pity I don't drink. I'd be getting bladdered right now if I did.


I really feel for Sheffield United fans. Much as I despise their manager their team deserved better than they got today. Congratulations to Manchester United on their championshp. They really deserved it.

Today could mark the start of something special for West Ham. They have a chairman who will back the manager and the team. I'd be very surprised if West Ham found themselves in this positiona gain next season. 1-0 to the Cockney Boys!!!