Nick Clegg has just made things a whole lot worse for himself and his party. It’s all very well being indignant, but it’s quite difficult when you haven’t actually got much to be indignant about. Fraser Nelson rightly questions why on earth he has brought Danny Alexander into the whole farrago.

Clegg needed only have said that Rennard was formally confronted, and denied the allegations (as he does now). This is an odd form of crisis management. And it gives the Rennard imbroglio the air of a fast-spreading scandal. There’s nothing that Fleet St likes more.

And Sir Christopher Meyer makes perhaps the most important point of all.


Nick Clegg’s full statement is on LibDem Voice

UPDATE: Lembit Opik has just been on Sky News, no doubt to a collective groan from the LibDem fraternity. He as putting on his serious face and trying to be statesmanlike. He did in fact make a very valid point, which I would challenge any LibDem reading this to answer.

I don’t want to hear all the emotion from Clegg, I don’t want to hear how angry he is. Why did he say at the beginning of the week that he knew nothing about it? If he did know all about it, why were we told that he didn’t?

UPDATE 2: Two tweets from Another Angry Woman…

UPDATE 3: And in this continuing car crash, Danny Alexander add his twopennyworth and muddies these murky waters even further.