Each weekend for the duration of this leadership contest I'll be charting who's up and who's fortunes are on the decline in the Tory Party's equivalent of the Game of Thrones...


  1. - Boris Johnson - Picking up a good range of supporters from across the country. Did well at the One Nation hustings and his remarks about the party being in an 'existential crisis' hit home. Big weekend for him in terms of backers from across the party. Still the favourite.
  2. Michael Gove - Still ahead of his rivals as second favourite, and I doubt whether the cocaine revelations will do him any damage at all in the parliamentary party. Again, picking up support across the party.
  3. +2 Jeremy Hunt - Recovered a bit from the previous week's flip-flopping and still picking up support, but almost exclusively from Remainers. However, Liam Fox's endorsemet was important. Now heading the pack of three competing to displace Michael Gove.
  4. -1 Dominic Raab - Did not do well at the One Nation hustings. His prorogation remarks may have hit home with the ERG, but the lesson is 'know your audience'. No exactly attracted the female vote either. Needs to pick up more non Brexiteer support.
  5. -1 Sajid Javid - His campaign is still not catching light. Needs to big up his personal narrative and convince Brexiteers he really is one of them. This week is vital for him. Ruth Davidson is a big win for him but he needs more.
  6. Rory Stewart - Another fantastic week for Rory, but he's still lacking overt supporters among MPs, with only 5 declared supporters. 
  7. - Matt Hancock - Profile has rise hugely and he's picking up supporters, especially from ministers who've worked with him. But his interviews needs to be sharpened up.
  8. Andrea Leadsom - Actually come up with a Brexit plan unlike most of the others. Disappointing number of backers though. 
  9. - Esther McVey - Some bizarre remarks about not having Remainers in her cabinet and saying sex education shouldn't start until 16 haven't done her any favours. 
  10. NEW Sam Gyimah - A surprise entrant into the contest a week ago, he's had a lot of media, but garnered precious few backers. Insists he has enough to get nominated. 
  11. -1 Penny Mordaunt - If she announces in the next 36 hours she could set the contest alight. But will she?
  12. +3 Mark Harper - Hasn't made much headway and it's difficult to discern what his USP is. Popular, but so far no cut through.
  13. +3 Sir Graham Brady - If he's going to run, he needs to announce very soon. Guaranteed a senior ministerial post under any new leader whether he runs for leader or not.


I'll be updating this list every weekend, and sometimes more regularly than that.