I was alerted to a fascinating (and very badly written) ePetition tonight. It concerns the EU’s apparent future ability to ban a UK Government from holding a referendum in 2017. Here’s the text…

Full and open disclosure on EU Qualified majority voting and it’s effect on a 2017 EU referendum

Responsible department: Cabinet Office

If the PM is trying to say we can have a referendum vote in 2017 which is after our full transition into the European Unions qualified majority voting(QMV) system then this can be refused under EU law and is something that will never happen. The people of the united kingdom have a right to know this before the campaigns for the 2015 General Elections. after which time we will have lost control of our nation and sovereignty to the european union. We want it explained to the people of this nation in no uncertain terms and the information duly released to ALL forms of media and public statements made to avoid any confusion during the 2015 General elections.

I have to say this is a new one on me. Can anyone shed any light on what it asserts, or is it a load of bollocks? If it’s true then what price David Cameron’s ability to renegotiate the terms of our membership? After the Juncker debacle, I’d say they were already looking shaky. If he can’t prevent the appointment of the most Federalist politician in Europe, I don’t hold out much hope of him achieving much else.