As you may know, in September Jacqui Smith and I published the first volume of HONOURABLE LADIES, a collection of 168 biographical essays of female MPs elected between 1918 and 1996.

Jacqui and I are now commissioning essays for Volume 2, featuring all women MPs elected between 1997 and the present day. There are 323 of them. This volume will be published next autumn.

Honourable Ladies

Let me get to the point. So far we have writers for 300ish of the 323 but we still have 20 to find authors for. And that’s where you come in. Men can look away now, as all the authors need to be of the female persuasion…

All the essays are between 400 and 4000 words, although all the longer ones have gone. **The deadline is March 31 2019. **

If there is a female MP in the list below who you would like to write about please do use the contact button at the top of the page to get in touch with me. Once we’ve agreed who you will write about I will send you a style guide and a couple of samples from Volume 1.

Women MPs

I hope to hear from you! If you’d like to buy Volume 1, click HERE. RRP is £30 but Amazon have it for sale at 45% off (£16.55) at the moment. It makes a great Christmas present for anyone remotely interested in women in politics.

This is the list of MPs still available. The number at the end indicates the word length of the article.


  • Margaret Ferrier SNP Rutherglen & Hamilton West 400