Oh dear. Apparently I should join the Liberal Democrats. That was one of the responses to my piece last night on David Cameron’s future, or possible lack of it. Alternatively, others decided I was in the vanguard of a David Davis led leadership coup and speaking for the hard right of the Conservative Party. And there was much more besides – some of it tongue in cheek, some vicious. Wel, if you put your head over the parapet, expect for it to be shot at or even knocked off from time to time.

But people can’t have it both ways. I can’t be accused one day of being a Cameron loyalist and then the next day of total disloyalty by raising the vague possibility of this scandal lapping at the shores of Number Ten. People should make up their minds. To be admonished by ConservativeHome for an act of disloyalty was a particularly ironic treat. Certain mirrors should be looked into, I feel.

I’m no longer active in Conservative politics. I’ve no agenda. I’m not seeking to be a Tory candidate again. I don’t seek preferment or patronage from anyone in the Conservative Party. When I was seeking to be an MP I always understood why some people could never accept that I was giving my honest held opinions – even though 99% of the time I was. On rare occasions there were times when I had to slightly caveat some opinions, but that’s politics. I no longer have to do that at any time. And I won’t.

So if I write: “It is no longer an impossibility to imagine this scandal bringing down the Prime Minister or even the government” just accept that this is my honest view. It’s not me trying to sow seeds of dissent. It is not me flying a kite for David Davis (who I haven’t even spoken to about recent events). It is purely my opinion. And as a blogger and commentator, I should feel free to give it. Otherwise, what’s the point?