No one has so far thought about the consequences for Parliament of the SNP gaining a shed load of seats. Let’s imagine that they do as well as the pollsters say and they get something around 50 seats. There are a number of consequences to that for the operation of Parliament.

* When Nick Clegg had 62 MPs he was entitled to two questions at PMQs. The SNP will no doubt push for the same. I doubt whether this has escaped Angus Robertson, their Westminster leader.

* With this number of MPs the SNP would be entitled to the chairmanships of at least one Select Committee, or maybe two. They would also be entitled to one MP on virtually every Select Committee, just as the LibDems had in the last Parliament.

* Would they take up seats on select committees like Health, Education or Transport, which are devolved matters? If not, would they then argue for two MPs on some other select committees? There are similar concerns about the operation of standing committees.

* Would they co-operate with the so-called ‘usual channels’ if they didn’t get their own way on any of the above?

* Alex Salmond has already stated he wouldn’t seek to displace Angus Robertson as Westminster leader, but I have heard rumours that he instead wants the position of SNP Chief Whip, if there is a Labour government. For Ed Miliband and Rosie Winterton this would be their worst nightmare come true. For the rest of us, it would be an incredible spectacle to watch.

* And while this is nothing to do with the way parliament operates, they would expect to appear on programmes like BBC Question Time as often as the LibDems have done in this Parliament.

I am sure there are many other issues which would need to be discussed if the SNP get so many seats. Feel free to suggest what they might be.