This post provides links to the audio podcasts from Iain's 18 All Talk and For the Many events at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe.  There are also five episodes of the For the Many Live shows on the For the Many podcast feed,

In addition, click HERE for an hour of highlights from Iain's Fringe shows.

Listen to Humza Yousaf HERE

Humza Yousaf

Listen to Jess Phillips HERE

Jess Phillips

Listen to Vince Cable HERE

Vince Cable

Listen to Polly Toynbee and Peter Hitchens HERE

Peter Hitchens Polly Toynbee


Listen to Professor Sir John Curtice and Brian Taylor HERE

John Curtice Brian Taylor



Listen to Jeremy Corbyn and Len McCluskey HERE,

Jeremy Corbyn Len McCluskey

Listen to Harriet Harman HERE.

Harriet Harman

Listen to Alex Salmond and David Davis HERE

Alex Salmond Davis Davis

Listen to Wes Streeting  HERE

Wes Streeting

Watch the Nicola Sturgeon interview by clicking below. Listen HERE.


Listen to Penny Mordaunt HERE.

Penny Mordaunt


Listen to Chris Mullin Sasha Swire HERE.Chris Mullin Sasha Swire

Listen to Mick Lynch HERE.

Mick Lynch



Listen to Iain & Jacqui Smith interview Ian Blackford HERE.Ian Blackford

Listen to Iain and Jacqui interview LibDem leader Sir Ed Davey HERE.

Ed Davey

Listen to Iain and Jacqui interview Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford HERE.

Ian Blackford

Listen to Iain & Jacqui interview Kate Forbes HERE

Kate Forbes

Listen to Iain and Jacqui interview Peter Tatchell HERE.Peter Tatchell