Back in March 2017, Jacqui Smith and I left the Sky News Paper Review, where we had established an on-screen partnership over five or six years. I covered the reasons for us leaving HERE. Since then, both of us have been inundated with people asking us when we’re coming back. It’s nice to be missed but on TV it’s not going to happen. However, we are editing a book of biographies of all the female MPs over the last hundred years, HONOURABLE LADIES and from November 20th we’re launching a new podcast, called “FOR THE MANY… We’re doing it with LBC and here’s what the blurb says…

For The Many is a one of a kind 30-minute podcast hosted by the political dream team who have become infamous for their onscreen partnership delivering the Sky News paper review. Containing a mixture of lively debate, analysis, banter and gossip Iain and Jacqui give their perspective on the ever-changing world of politics and media in a way only they could. With no guests or interruptions, expect clashes and arguments as the pair’s big personalities are let loose. The insightful weekly download is perfect for your Monday morning commute, so you can make sure you’re ahead of the game before you step in to the office. For The Many: Subscribe NOW on iTunes or where ever you get your podcasts and be the first to hear episode one on November 20th.

We really want to do conduct it in a very light style with lots of laughs, and it will very much reflect the rapport we built up on Sky. There are a lot of political podcasts out there at the moment and many of them very good indeed. I suppose if anything, we want to reflect the style of Jane Garvey and Fi Glover in the FORTUNATELY podcast. If you haven’t heard that, you’re missing out. We’ll usually record it on a Sunday evening so it will be available for the Monday morning commute. Initially we won’t have guests, it will just be us. I think the best podcasts are those that are simple and are not heavily produced. We’re using some unique software to record it, with me in my sitting room and Jacqui in hers – or maybe her caravan! We then upload it to a producer at LBC who tops and tails it before uploading it to iTunes and all the other podcast platforms. One thing we do want to do also is react to what our listeners want to talk about so we’ve created all sorts of ways of getting in touch with us.

Twitter: @ForTheManyPod

Please do follow us on Twitter and most important of all, we need to get as many podcast subscribers on iTunes as possible before we launch on November 20th. The more we get the more iTunes will promote us. So please do go to Podcasts on your phone (we’re also on Android too!) search for my name or Jacqui’s and it should come up. For some reason, if you search ‘For the Many’ it doesn’t…. There’s a three minute trailer for the podcast, just as a taster.