When I woke up this morning I must have had a premonition. Having been looking forward to the West Ham Burnley game all week, I just couldn’t summon up the enthusiasm to go. Perhaps it’s just that I’m knackered after a very long week, but I didn’t even get out of bed to do the Tunbridge Wells park run either.

So I can’t write a match report because I wasn’t there, and judging by what I have heard, I’m glad I wasn’t.

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I listened to the BBC London commentary for most of the first half and from what they said we were unlucky to go into half time without a goal. Both Lanzini and Mario might have scored had luck been on their side. Again, I must have ad a premonition because instead of listening to the second half commentary I decided to watch an episode of OUTLANDER (highly recommended!). It was only when my phone kept pinging with messages from my Arsenal supporting friend Matt that I realised things were going very awry. I knew we were 2-0 down, but what I hadn’t reckoned with is some of our idiot fans disgracing themselves. Again.

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I have attended fewer home matches this season than any other of the 25 seasons I have had a season ticket. I have two season tickets but it’s rare that I can persuade anyone to come with me. It’s not that I smell, or my friends don’t want to watch West Ham, they’re put off by what they’ve heard about the ‘incidents’ in the crowd. And who can blame them after what happened today. It’s embarrassing. At the last game I attended – and remember, I sit in the 1966 seats – there was an actual fight ten rows above me. West Ham fans, fighting each other.

I’m told a fan ran on and stole one of the corner flags. Others ran onto the pitch. One “fan” even confronted Mark Noble.I imagine there were no doubt a few fights too. Em-barassing, with a capital E.

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What do these knuckleheads think they’re achieving apart from dragging our reputation through the mud yet again?

They can blame the sodding board or Karren Brady all they like, but in the end there are 11 players on the pitch, and if they aren’t performing, there’s nothing the Board can do about it. The team that Moyes put out today should have been capable of beating Burnley. Even at 2-0 down it might have been possibel for them to salvage something out of the game. But the action of a minority of idiots in the crowd soon put paid to that. So well done, guys. great work. You absolute w**kers.

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Perhaps these people think that these actions will force Sullivan and Gold to sell the club, and if that happened, everything would be rosy in the garden. Well be careful what you wish for. New owners are no guarantors of success. Ask Leeds fans. Ask West Brom fans. Ask Southampton fans. I could go on. Does anyone think a new owner from China, Russia or Azerbaijan is going to care about the club as much as lifelong fans like the two Davids? Don’t get me wrong, they’ve made a fair few mistakes in their time, but they have made decisions which they thought were right at the time.

Look at this headline on the Sport Bible website…

Burnley Substitutes Let Kids Sit On The Bench To Escape Mayhem From The Stands

The kids were West Ham supporters. When they get home their parents will probably resolve never to take them to another game. Well done knuckleheads.

I’m rapidly getting to the point where I genuinely wonder whether I will renew the season tickets I’ve had for 25 years. Not because I don’t like the London Stadium because I do. Not because I can’t cope with seeing the team I love underperform – I’m used to it. No. The reason I may not renew is entirely because I don’t want to attend games which are ruined by idiots and thugs. I don’t want to be embarrassed anymore. That’s not what being a West Ham fan is all about.

Before the match a tribute was made to Bobby Moore. The great man will be turning in his grave tonight.

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