Over the years, I’ve got to interview quite a few major league celebrities, who have been vague heroes of mine. Joan Rivers is one that springs to mind. Joan Collins is another. I tried not to be too much of a fan boy, and by and large succeeded. Or at least, I think I did!

Having started the new Iain Dale Book Club podcast I’m now interviewing another batch of people I never thought I’d get to meet. This week Giles and Mary from Gogglebox came into the studio and were as delightful as I hoped they would be. They were totally the same in real life as they are on screen, and even called each other ‘Nutty’!

Kevin Keegan

I also interviewed Kevin Keegan this week, and the podcast went live on Friday morning.

I feel I grew up with Kevin Keegan. One of my first football memories was of Kevin Keegan joining Liverpool from Scunthorpe. I remember him playing in the first England match I ever saw at Wembley - a 2-2 draw with Argentina in May 1974. I remember watching in shock as he and Billy Bremner were sent off for fighting in the Charity Shield in August 1974. So many other memories too.

I’d have loved it, absolutely loved it, if he’d ever played for West Ham, or indeed managed us. I loved the type of football his teams played.

Kevin Keegan

Above all, Kevin is a transparently nice person. He wears his heart on his sleeve, which is a great character trait, even if it has led him into some difficult and counterproductive situations.

So when I saw he was publishing his autobiography this month I decided to try my best to lure him onto the podcast. Slightly to my surprise I succeeded. Let’s face it, LBC doesn’t really do sport… But if it did…

Kevin Keegan

Meeting your heroes, sporting or otherwise, can sometimes be a bit of a disappointment. I’d love to name a few names, but I’d better not. Meeting Kevin was all I hoped it would be, and so was the interview. It was honest, revealing and laced with great anecdotes. he loved pulling my leg about West Ham, and when I asked if he might be interested in succeeding Karren Brady, well, you’ll have to listen to find out the answer.

To listen to the interview just search for Iain Dale Book Club on whichever podcast platform you use, and if you use iTunes, all the details are HERE.

And do buy the book HERE. It’s one of the best football books I’ve read in years.