"Can I have a word," said James Rea. 

"Is it going to be another of those 'adult conversations'," I said, smiling? Last time this happened, I discovered I was being moved from Drive to the Evening Show!

The long and short of it was that James wondered if I'd be interested in presenting a Sunday morning show for the next seven weeks. During the European elections Nigel Farage, as a candidate, is barred from presenting shows. It's Ofcom rules, you see. Eddie Mair will be extended to three hours from Monday to Thursday too.

So for the next seven weeks I'll be on LBC on Sunday mornings from 10am until noon. I debated what kind of show to do and in the end I've decided to concentrate on the elections and European issues for the bulk of it. In the second hour we'll have a single, big name politician live in the studio for thirty minutes of interview and then thirty minutes taking calls.

Anna Soubry

We'll be doing one politician from each of the main parties, starting off this week with Anna Soubry, from The Independent Group, which will be fighting the European elections as Change UK. She will be followed by politicians from the Conservatives, Labour, the LibDems, UKIP, the Greens and the Brexit Party. The SNP will feature on my weekday show.

Some of you may remember I hosted a Sunday morning politics show for 18 months some years ago - 2011-2013, I think. It's a great slot and I'm looking forward to returning to it, albeit only for seven weeks!