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LBC is 50 Years Old! Happy Birthday LBC!

  • 8 Oct 2023

  Today marks the 50th anniversary of the start of commercial radio in the UK. LBC and Capital Radio were the first two stations on air, and fifty years on both stations are at the top of their game. LBC has undergone various changes in ownership over the years, and is ...

Iain Dale's Book Club Podcast - Episode List

  • 8 Jul 2023

  Iain's Book Club podcast was launched in September 2018. Each week (sometimes twice a week) Iain interviews some of the most interesting authors in the country with new books out. And there's the occasional bonus episode or an author interviews from the archives.  ...

Cross Question Goes Three Nights A Week

  • 20 May 2021

A bit of an announcement. In September 2018 I started presenting a new show on LBC called Cross Question. It has been a once a week hour on a Wednesday evening, and the format is similar to Any Questions or Question Time, the main difference being that the questions come fr...

My Best Bits on LBC in 2020

  • 27 Dec 2020

Here is an hour long compilation of my 'best bits' of 2020 on LBC   And here is my Christmas Day show with Jacqui Smith where we named our People of 2020.    

Reaction Life Media Review 16: Full Disclosure Podcast with James O'Brien & Coronation Street

  • 13 Aug 2020

This article first appeared on Reaction.Life Full Disclosure podcast with James O’Brien, Global Radio If the title of the podcast if ‘Full Disclosure’ I’d better disclose that James O’Brien is a colleague of mine on LBC, and Global Radio are the publishers of my own podc...

Iain's Powerful Plea to British Airways' Management

  • 20 Jul 2020

IainDale · Iain Dale takes BA Management to Task   This evening I hosted another phone-in asking people to comment on British Airways' treatment of its workers by sending them so-called 'Fire & Rehire' letters and emails. It's a terrible way to treat loyal worker...

Radio Review in The Guardian: Iain & Denise

  • 13 Jun 2020

From a Radio Review in The Guardian by Stuart Jeffries.   One evening last week, Denise from Enfield rang in to Iain Dale’s show. Dale is having a good lockdown – his ratings are up and his kindly, intelligent, albeit Tory, persona has been soothing for many of us....

Reaction Life Media Review 7: Naked Attraction, Nigel Farage on LBC & Desert Island Dicks

  • 10 Jun 2020

Last week's review on Reaction.Life.   Naked Attraction, Channel 4/E4 If you ask someone if they have ever seen Naked Attraction the usual answer is ‘no, but I did catch sight of it while channel hopping’. Yeah, right. The show has a strange addictive quality. It’s th...

What I Did to Mark Mental Health Awareness Week

  • 22 May 2020

Over the ten years I have been on LBC I have hosted many programmes on a whole range of mental health issues, such as loneliness, anxiety, suicide, bereavement etc. Each time I do so I am humbled by the calls I get, many from people who have never discussed their mental he...

Why I'm in 'Spendid Isolation' and Broadcasting from Home

  • 17 Mar 2020

Given the government’s advice yesterday, I am now in what I am calling Splendid Isolation. Why? Because I am a type 2 diabetic and therefore in a high risk group. The government advice is that anyone in a high risk group – ie the elderly those with diabetes or a respiratory...