I have news. When it was announced that Andrew Neil was leaving 'THIS WEEK' and then that the series was being canned altogether, I emailed Rob Burley, head of political programmes at the BBC to put forward an idea I had for a new programme in that late night slot. Without going into too much detail, it's a TV version of the 'For the Many'podcast, which I do with Jacqui Smith each week.

Anyway, next week, we're recording a pilot with the hope that it will be commissioned by the BBC. Given part of the podcast is taken up with answering listeners' questions I thought I'd use this opportunity to see what you might like to see us include in the new show.

We will be channelling the spirit of 'THIS WEEK' by inviting Timmy Mallett to be a regular contributor, with Kerry Katona doing a regular 'Think Tank of the Week' slot. 

We have asked Michael Fabricant and Jess Phillips to do a weekly debate called 'Policy Entendres' where they will compete to get as many smutty references in to a three minute debate as possible.

Anyway, wish us luck, and we'll be telling you more about this venture in next Sunday's podcast, which we're recording in front of an audience at PodcastLive. Do bring your ideas along!

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