As the Met now faces an inquiry into its action or inaction into politicians involvement in child sex abuse I thought I might remind you of something that happened on my LBC show last autumn.

I took from John in Harrow, a former Metropolitan Police Officer who was ordered to close down an inquiry into child abuse crimes (including involvement by Sir Cyril Smith – he’s the one I wouldn’t allow him to name, mistakenly as it turns out).

listen to ‘Former Police Officer John: We were told by bosses to drop investigation into paedophile MP’’ on audioBoom

In the same show another former police officer, Steve in Essex called in and told me that an inquiry he was involved in was also shut down hours before arrests were due to be made.

listen to ‘Former Police Officer Steve: Our Investigation into VIP Paedophile ring was “cancelled night before arrests were to be made”’ on audioBoom

I do hope both these men will give evidence to the IPCC inquiry.