How heartwarming to see newly defected MEP Marta Andreassen on the stump with Kent Conservatives yesterday, as reported on Andrew Kennedy’s excellent blog. Anyone would think there was a European selection in the offing. Perish the thought.

Of course, to be a Euro candidate in 2014 you actually have to be on the electoral register in the United Kingdom. So far as I understand Ms Andreassen is a resident of Barcelona, which, last time I looked was quite a few hundred miles from the White Cliffs. She will of course want to reassure her South East constituents that she does indeed reside in this country and has been on the electoral role for the last four years. For if she can’t do that, how could the Tories possibly select her?

I have been trying to work out where Ms Andreassen appeared on the UK electoral register in 2009. I was told a scurrilous story, which I won’t repeat here until I can test its veracity with the then UKIP leader Lord Pearson. But if anyone has access to’s electoral register history they could possibly help me out. I ask only for reasons of openness and transparency of course. I like to be helpful.