Number Ten are seeking to play down the seriousness of McBridge-Gate, describing it as juvenile. The Telegraph and the BBC have fallen for the spin. No matter. They will revise their opinions when they see the contents of the emails which will presumably be published in tomorrow's newspapers.

Downing Street also played down the planned website RED RAG, which, they say, never saw the light of day. Really? Dizzy has proved otherwise. There's no content on it, but it's registered and ready for lift off. The fact that they even thought such a site was a good idea and could remain secret says it all really.

Damian McBride is a special advisor, paid by the taxpayer. He is not paid to smear Tories. He's paid to give advice to the Prime Minister.

By chance, I met Derek Draper in Dean's Yard recently, after his appearance with Guido on the DAILY POLITICS. He wanted to be friends again. I explained that I couldn't have a professional or personal relationship with someone who behaves as he has done and insinuated that I hold racist views. I then asked him about receiving emails from Damian McBride. He denied to my face that these emails existed. There's a word for that. It's called lying. I wonder what a professional psychotherapist would make of it.