So Martin McGuinness has announced he is resigning as an MP, causing a by-election in the seat of Mid Ulster. It would be hard for him to be sorely missed seeing as he has never actually taken up his seat. He refuses to swear the oath, yet has claimed millions of pounds in expenses. And here’s something that will stick in our collective throats. Even though he hasn’t taken his seat, he will still be eligible for a severance payment of around £20,0001. Them’s the rules.

What a ridiculous system. We allow a man to take huge amounts of money from a parliament he claims to despise and several of whose members he has played a part in trying to maim and kill. We must be stark raving mad.

1 The Mirror’s James Lyons points out that the sum is actually £50k. It’s called a “Winding Up allowance”. How very appropriate. I am very wound up.