One of the great things about doing my job at LBC is that I get to meet and interview some of my all time heros. Today was one such day. Of course the challenge when interviewing them is not to go all gooey and just indulge in half an hour of fan worship. I always try to remember why I am there and to try to ask what I think the audience would ask, if they had the opportunity.

So this morning I interviewed Sir David Attenborough, predominantly about his series AFRICA, which is released this week as a DVD box set, I had half an hour with him, which was double what was originally on offer. This gave me the chance to ask about other things too. I don’t mind admitting I was quite nervous about the prospect of interviewing one of the greatest broadcasters of the last century. But we had 15 minutes together before the interview, which was a great ice-breaker. He was fascinated by the fact that I have two jobs and we both bemoaned the state of the publishing industry. Whenever I interview very famous people others seem to delight in telling me how difficult they can be, or that they speak in three word sentences. Well, I can honestly say that Sir David was a delight and I hope anyone listening to the interview will be as riveted as I was.

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