Well I hope the Prime Minister is on better form than that when he makes his big European speech on Friday. Ed Miliband whipped his sorry pink ass at PMQs today. He was funny, fluent and seemed in command of the House, which even his biggest supporters would acknowledge has not always been the case. David Cameron didn’t really seem up for the fight and his answers rather proved the point I have been trying to make regarding his speech on Friday. If you’ve got nothing definite to say, it’s probably best to say nothing.

I can so no feasible way David Cameron can gain anything from this speech, and his performance today underlined that. There’s nothing he can say which will appease a fairly large group of Tory backbenchers. And there’s nothing he can say which will persuade certain EU leaders to be more sympathetic to Britain’s position. Today he tried to get Ed Miliband to say what his approach would be. Miliband deftly dodged the bullet. All he needs to do is sit back and watch as yet again the Tory Party tears itself apart over this issue. Watch, and smirk.

Miliband 8
Cameron 4