So Sarah Teather is standing down from Parliament. I can’t say I’m sure she will be missed, even by many in her own party. She’s given a tear-jerking interview to the Observer’s Toby Helm, which you can read HERE, if you have a strong stomach.

She says she’s going because the LibDems no longer stand for social justice, which is a bit of a cheek when you think about it seeing as she voted for cuts in legal aid and against equal marriage. Rather oddly, Toby Helm doesn’t see fit to mention this in his long article. Perhaps Ms Teather set some preconditions for giving him the ‘exclusive’. Perish the thought. No, in reality she’s standing down because she knows she will lose her seat at the next election.

If I was a female MP I’d want to grab her by the lapels, pin her up against the wall and say “Thanks for nothing, sister.”

The truth is that she was never cut out for government. I was told a tale in June 2010 about her first day as a minister at the Department of Education. One of her fellow ministers walked past her ministerial office door, which was ajar. She was sitting at her desk, head in hands, looking a little tearfully at her red box. “What on earth is the matter, Sarah,” said the Tory Minister (OK, it was Tim Loughton). She looked up and rather plaintively sobbed: “I’m a Liberal Democrat. I don’t know what to do. We were never actually supposed to be in government.”

That just about sums her up. Pathetic.